Book Review: The Grimm Legacy

Name: The Grimm Legacy

Author(s): Polly Shulman

What It’s About: After being recommended by her social studies teacher, Elizabeth Rew goes to work at the New York Circulating Material Repository, a lending library for objects. There she works hard as a page (someone who retrieves things from the back when patrons request them) until she is given access to the Grimm Collection, a room filled to the brim with objects straight out of the Grimm Brother’s classic fairy tales. Unfortunately, something is very wrong with this treasure trove of magic. Some of the objects are being stolen, and rumors of a giant bird following patrons is confirmed when Elizabeth and the other pages with access to the collection (Marc, Anjali, and Aaron) see it. She and her new friends will now have to figure out who is taking the objects, and how. With suspicion being cast among themselves, and danger imminent, Elizabeth got more than she signed up for in this exciting adventure.

My Review: This book is awesome in my opinion! It has magic, danger, and a very interesting subject matter. Imagine if you could borrow actual magical objects from a library! And the writing is so good you can practically see the Twelve Dancing Princesses’ shoes, or the Snow White mirror (which reeks of evil, by the way!) Defiantly a good story.

Re-Readability: Very High. I would recommend this to anybody.


“Fairy tales were a big part of my childhood. I used to sit in my mother’s lap while she read them out loud and pretend I could read along – until, after a while, I found I actually could. Later, in the hospital when Mom was too sick to hold a book, it was my turn to read our favorites out loud. The stories all had happy endings. But they didn’t keep Mom from dying.”

“I liked him much better before, I thought, when he was making me sit on imaginary chairs and fall down.”

“Ms. Badwin shook the wand. “Shoddy thing. I knew I shouldn’t have cheaped out and bought the imported model,” she said, twisting the end again.”

Find This Book On: Barnes & Noble/Amazon/Goodreads


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