Book Review: Let The Sky Fall

Name: Let The Sky Fall

Author(s): Shannon Messenger

Series Standing: Book one (Sky Fall series)

What It’s About: Ever since he was pulled out of the rubble of a category five tornado, Vane has dreamed of a beautiful girl he thought he saw. The trouble is, he doesn’t remember anything from before the storm. Then the girl of his dreams (literally) shows up. Her name is Audra, and she tells him that he is a sylph, an air elemental. She reveals that a powerful sylph named Raiden wants him for a special power of his, and his Stormers are closing in. She has little more than a week to train him in his heritage. Meanwhile, Audra still blames herself for the death of her father, and Vane’s biological parents. She and Vane have to work through the pressure, and do something about the undeniable attraction between them as they prepare for the fight.

My Review: Told from both Vane and Audra’s perspective, this was a fast paced book I would read time and time again! I felt for Vane when he found about the plans the Gale Force (Audra’s employer) has laid out for his life. A betrothal? How dare they! I also liked that Vane’s adoptive parents were actually involved in his life. It seems like a lot of books these days make parents absent, distant beings, and I feel this is just a sort of shortcut, a lame excuse that makes sneaking out easier for main characters who need to save the world or something. In the end, Vane’s mom actually confronts him about his strange behavior.The writing was nice, and I can’t really find fault with it. The ending had a confession that made my jaw drop, I’ll admit. Defiantly one of my new favorites.

Re-Readability: Very High. I’ll have read this again soon!


“My mom sighs, but I can tell from the way her lips twitch that she wantsto smile.”

“Parents: perfecting ways to humiliate their children since the dawn of time.”

“You deserve to be happy,” he whispers. “No matter what you think or what you did. You deserve to be happy.”

Find This Book On: Barnes & Noble/Amazon/Goodreads


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