Plot Points: Overused Cliches

You know what I’m talking about. Clichés, the overused ideas. Unless done perfectly, you probably think here we go again when running up against one. Here, I have compiled the ultimate list of clichés. Enjoy… or don’t.

Love Triangle – Who will she choose?! I could make a separate list of books with love triangles. Maybe another time.                                                     

Bonus Points If… a paranormal creature is involved.

Mr. Right – Nobody’s perfect. Exept maybe him.

Half Human – I’M PART WHAT?!?! Why did nobody tell me this before the big bad guy showed up?

The Heir – It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen that distant relative in years as long as you inherit the family fortune.                          

Bonus Points If… you are royalty. 

Clueless Parents – They are not always there for you. All the better when trying to sneak out!

Instant Love – This does not happen in real life people!

The Chosen One – You aren’t normal, the ancient prophecy says so!        

Bonus Points If… you are an orphan.

Mean Girl – She is one bad apple, rotten to the core.                        

Bonus Points If… she’s a cheerleader.

Spinoffs – Because that didn’t remind me of Twilight at all.

Girls Love A Bad Boy – It’s undeniable.

Magical Item Of Power – It’s the only thing that can save the world!    

Bonus Points If… you are the only one who can wield it.

Repetition – Find a feature and sell it. Edward’s crooked smile, anyone?

Vampires or Werewolves –This one speaks for itself.                                       

Bonus Points If… the book includes both and they don’t get along.

Falling In Love With A Paranormal Creature – Don’t get me started.

Hate Them At First, But Love Them By The End – It doesn’t matter that he was a complete and utter jerk before. True love overcomes that.                                                                                                                                             

Bonus Points If… you have to work at the same place.

Romance Itself – Not every book needs one.

What cliché do you hate most?


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