Book Review: Once In A Full Moon

Name: Once In A Full Moon

Author(s): Ellen Schreiber

Series Standing: Book one (Full Moon series)

What It’s About: Celeste has a fairly normal life. Or make that, had. That all goes down the drain when Brandon moves to town. After getting stuck in a snowstorm and surrounded by wolves, he comes to her aid and gets bit in the process. He insists he’s fine, but something strange is happening. He experiences memory loss, illness, and other strange symptoms, all during the full moon. Celeste becomes certain he is a werewolf, and he doesn’t disagree. To the chagrin of her friends, she skips out hanging out with them more so she can spend more time with him. She finds herself falling in love with him, despite obvious problems. Matters get worse when wolf (and werewolf!) sightings increase, sparking up the old tale of the Legend’s Run werewolf. With everyone watching they will have to figure out what exactly is going on before their secrets are exposed.

My Review: This book started out fairly well, but went a downhill as it went on. My first problem was how she fell in love with Brandon before she really knew him. Their relationship felt rushed. Also, as I got farther into the book, it grew sort of cheesy, and definatly clichéd. The last few lines in the book had me groaning to myself. There were a few minor problems with her BFFs for me. They seemed too materialistic, and I thought that if you really like someone, you should be able to tell your friends without being afraid they won’t accept it because of social order. I didn’t like how they kept pushing her towards her ex.

Re-Readability: Low to Medium. This seems like the kind of book I would want to read sometimes, but can’t stand another time, all depending how fed up I am on clichéd paranormal romance. I will never love this book though.


“Dr. Meadows words haunted me. Her messages to me were so specific yet, at the same time, mysterious.”

“I’d never been as happy in our group as I was tonight. I took pride knowing my friends were having fun hanging outside their comfort zone, and I enjoyed knowing Nash wanted to hold me more than a stitched leather ball.”

“I caught up to my friends, who cheered and jumped higher than two caffeinated cheerleaders.”

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One thought on “Book Review: Once In A Full Moon”

  1. Great concise review. Although reading this type of review makes me so nervous for when my book comes out. On the plus side, my hero definitely knows the girl before he loves her. So, at least I don’t have to worry about that problem!

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