Plot Points: Ultimate List Of Superpowers

I really do wish that there were more good books involving superpowers. I also think that there are a lot of untapped powers that authors should use more. Because the subject is so interesting, I have compiled the ultimate list of superpowers. From my favorite powers, to ones that theoretically don’t work in my mind, to powers that take a back seat to more popular ones.

My Favorite Superpowers

  • Invisibility – The possibilities are endless.
  • Invulnerability – Nothing can hurt you. You are invincible.
  • Healing – I suppose that this could be confused with invulneraibility, but the difference between the two is that invulnerability only covers yourself, while healing gives you the ability to heal others, and sometimes yourself.
  • Telepathy – Imagine reading other people’s thoughts. There are so many things you could do with that. However, I myself wouldn’t want that power because it sounds like a massive invasion of privacy.
  • Atmokinesis – Put simply, the ability to control the weather.
  • Mind Control – The idea of this one scares me a little.
  • Flying – This one is just plain cool.
  • Shapeshifting – What if you could immediately change your appearance to somebody else’s?
  • Telekinesis – Now this is one power that I want for myself. The ability to move things around with my mind? Yes please!
  • Power Absorption/Mimicry – I’ve never actually seen this power in a story, but the ability to absorb and mimic other people’s superpowers or abilities sounds completely awesome.
  • Duplication – I bet chores would go a lot faster if I could make temporary copies of myself.
  • Concussion Blast – That’s gotta hurt.

Superpowers That Shouldn’t Work

  • Intangibility – The ability to walk or put parts of your body through solid objects. If you are walking through a big fat slab of, say, concrete, how are you supposed to breathe? What happens to blood circulation?
  • Speed – If you’re whizzing by at 100 mph, how can you see where you’re going? The world would be a blur! You would also have to get your hands on specially made clothing since going that fast would wear out regular clothing just as quickly as you move. Just a thought as well, this is probably part of the superpower, but how would you get enough air? Breathing must be hard.
  • Laser Vision – How can you see with a red hot laser coming out of your eyes?

“Mini” Superpowers (The Smaller Ones That Sidekicks Are Made Of)

  • Endurance – This one is actually pretty useful. Running around a city, country, or even the world fighting crime must be tiring.
  • Night Vision – A lot of criminal activity happens at night. This power could certainly be helpful.
  • Memory Manipulation – This power could easily be paired up with mind control. Shudder.
  • Omnilingualism – Omni-what? This is the ability to instantly understand and be able to speak any language. Professional translators would kill for this.
  • Talking To Animals – I think it would be cool to hear what animals are saying, but this doesn’t have that many day to day applications.
  • Force Field – This is a power that is usually paired up with telekinesis.

What is your favorite superpower, and which one would you want for yourself?


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