Bookish Pet Peeves

When it comes to books, I can get pretty OCD. Not with the story, but with the actual, physical book. Below I have listed my pet peeves. Feel free to tell me I’m not alone in these feelings.

  • Changing A Book Cover To Promote The Movie – I can abide Now A Major Motion Picture! stickers. But when you change the cover of a book into a poster, I get seriously annoyed.
  • Stickers – Nowadays, I don’t even try to take price stickers off, even though I hate them. It always ends up in a sticky, patchy mess.
  • Embarrassing Covers – Anytime I even think about trying the Mortal Instruments series, I get repelled by the image of what looks like some guy’s glowing, tattooed chest over the city skyline. I couldn’t display that on my bookshelf, much less take it out in public.
  • The Next… – “It’s the next Hunger Games/Twilight/Harry Potter!” Choose your pop culture icon.
  • Weird Font – Okay, this will probably get me some funny looks. But here’s the thing, I like chunky books. Something with some bulk behind it. So I look at the page number for this book I like the sound of online, and the website says 375. Everything looks good, so of course I buy it. But when it comes in, the font is big, chunky… weird. Waste of space. And then you get the books that are 500+ pages, when decreasing the font size a little would make things more manageable.
  • Vague/Misleading Synopsis – You know those little blurbs on the back? I hate when they are, like, two sentences that don’t give the slightest bit of information about the plot. And what about when you read the blurb, say: “This looks interesting”, but once you finish the book, you put it down and say: “This isn’t what I was promised at all.”
  • “Generic” Covers – If you go to any given bookstore and look in the teen section, you’d see that a lot of book covers look very similar. Girls in pretty dresses, bodies you can’t see all of, the same picture photoshopped for a completely different book, blah. What ever happened to originality? This is just lazy.
  • Misleading Covers – I really wish more book covers had at least something to do with the actual subject matter. It would be so much more creative.
  • Typos/ Grammatical Errors – Call me a Grammar Nazi, but this is so annoying!
  • It Costs What?! – Darn inflation.
  • Dogeared Pages – Shudder.

What are your bookish pet peeves?


2 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. Mine is covers that depict characters or scenes from the story incorrectly. E.g. the character is described as having short brown hair, and on the cover it’s long and blonde. Or they are wearing a hat, but never wear one in the story, ever.

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