Book Review: SYLO

Name: SYLO Author(s): D.J. MacHale Series Standing: Book one (The SYLO Chronicles) What It’s About: Tucker Pierce was perfectly happy to live a peaceful, uneventful life on Pemberwick Island. That was before people started dying out of the blue, before the military invaded and put them in quarantine. They call themselves SYLO, and are a branch of the U.S. Navy. They tell the people stuck on the island that there is a deadly virus circulating Pemberwick. But as the quarantine goes on, the islanders (including Tucker) star to feel that they’re not getting the full story. Tucker especially, since he was there when the high school running back dropped dead at the top of his game, he was there when a mysterious aircraft exploded right before the quarantine, and he felt the power a mysterious substance called Ruby gave him (which was being pushed by a secretive man named Feit). This knowledge makes him dangerous in the eyes of SYLO’s leader, Captain Granger, and he will not rest till Tucker and his friends are captured. My Review: This book was okay, in my opinion. It had the potential to be a fast paced thriller, but that only happened towards the end. Maybe that’s because I felt Tucker was stayed inactive for too long. I mean, the military puts you in a quarantine, saying there’s a lethal virus, and you go Okay, whatever even when you’ve only heard of two cases? You see said military chasing people down the street and tranquilizing them, and you still try to persuade yourself that everything’s good? It made me want to shake him and say, get up and DO something! I got really excited when he did. In the end, there was “revelation” after “revelation”. I use quotation marks because the book seemed to keep throwing new information and theories at the main characters, casting doubt on previous assumptions. It would have been okay if this was spread throughout the book, but this was at end. All at the end. Before I list the good aspects of this book, I have to mention the cheesy ending. So there’s this big revelation, it is hinted that danger is coming, and then says To Be Continued I’m serious. TO BE CONTINUED?! What kind of ending/cliffhanger is that? Lame. But despite my mini-rant (thank you for suffering through that), I did enjoy this book. I liked Tori and Quinn, which is also kind of sad because I liked them more than Tucker. Though Tucker was hard to relate to, I sympathized after several  events in the book (no spoilers!).


Re-Readability: Medium. I might pick it up again sometime.


“The four of us stood stood staring at the TV. I couldn’t even begin to process the information we had just been given, and I’d bet there were a whole lot of people staring at a whole lot of televisions feeling the exact same way.”

“I didn’t quit the team, and not because Quinn had shamed me out of it. The idea of facing the coach to tell him I was quitting was actually more daunting than getting pounded in practice. Maybe Quinn was right. I was even afraid of failing… at failing.”

“Any thought of surrender being a good idea was shattered when the pursuing gunboat opened fire on us. The clatter of a machine gun was unmistakable, even above our roaring engines.”

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