Book Cover Love: Stylish Shades

book cover love

I happen to have a thing for good book covers. Who doesn’t? Book Cover Love is where I focus on my favorites. I might not have even read the book!

Today’s Subject: Stylish Shades


Book(s): Books in the Heist Society series (Heist Society, Uncommon Criminals, and Perfect Scoundrels)

Author(s): Ally Carter

Details: You can see art (Heist Society), jewels (Uncommon Criminals), and Hale (Dreamy… I mean, Perfect Scoundrels) in the reflection of each pair of shades.

Relevance: All the things reflected in the shades are related to the books.

Overall Feeling: Fun and… how do you describe something with criminals?


Book: Since You Asked

Author(s): Maurene Goo

Details: I like the typography of the title. Did you notice how the “you” wraps itself around parts of both “since” and “asked”?

Relevance: I’m not sure there is any. But I still like it.

Blurb: High School. So funny I forgot to laugh.

Overall Feeling: Sarcastic.


Book: Life After Theft

Author(s): Aprilynne Pike

Details: The pretty landscape reflected in the glasses.

Relevance: I’m not sure if that landscape is the main setting of the book, but if it isn’t, there isn’t anything relevant to the story on this cover.

Overall Feeling: Pretty.

What are your favorite book covers with a cool pair of glasses? Tell me below in the comments!


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