Book Cover Love: Typography

book cover love

I happen to have a thing for good book covers. Who doesn’t? Book Cover Love is where I focus on my favorites. I might not have even read the book!

Today’s Subject: Typography

List 4-5 book covers where focus is on the title

This Song Will Save Your Life, by Leila Sales

Book: This Song Will Save Your Life

Author(s): Leila Sales

Details: The pink letters spell LOVE! I also like how it says “a novel” inside the “O”.

Relevance: The main character of this story becomes a DJ, so I’d say the girl with a pair of headphones is pretty appropriate.

Overall Feeling: It’s sort of pretty, but also fun.

House Of Ivy And Sorrow, by Natalie Whipple

Book: House Of Ivy And Sorrow

Author(s): Natalie Whipple

Details: The title is made out of IVY! Is that not the coolest thing ever?!

Relevance: Well, I just read the Amazon preview for this book (gotta do your research!), and people (in the book) say that the witch’s house is under the bridge, draped in ivy and sorrow. So I’m going to deem the ivy relevant.

Overall Feeling: Very cool and a little haunting.

The Way We Fall, by Megan Crewe

Book: The Way We Fall

Author(s): Megan Crewe

Details: You can see two people walking along a road inside the letters.

Relevance: I’m going to assume that one of those two people is Kaelyn (the main character), and the other must be the “former rival” she teams up with.

Overall Feeling: Intense.

Me, Earl And The Dying Girl

Book: Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

Author(s): Jesse Andrews

Details: It’s like a pop-up book! There’s so much going on, but it all works together really well. Can you see Earl kicking over the letter “L”?

Relevance: This cover has all the main characters on it. (However cartoony)

Overall Feeling: Fun.

What is your favorite title-based cover?



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