Evil, Ponies, Princesses, And Cliches

Think Before You Link

I’ve been really lazy about posting lately. And I’m still feeling lazy. I’m in the midst of a reading slump, and while I have a lot of cool things planned for this blog, execution is lacking at the moment. (Though I will get back on the horse soon, I promise!) This isn’t an apology post however. I’m easing myself back into the blogging spirit by starting a new feature and sharing inspirational (and funny) posts from around the blogosphere. Since I love to look at anything remotely bookish, Think Before You Link will share lots of fun book related posts and videos (though mostly discussion posts, hence the Think in the title.) I’ve had fun searching for different things to share, and I promise I will adhere to this feature’s Number One Rule: Always give credit where credit is due.

Discussion Posts

  • Why Giving Science The Blanket Approach Doesn’t Work: Posted by Renae M. at Respiring Thoughts. As a total science nut, this post appeals to me personally. I agree that all science (nor scientists) shouldn’t be lumped together in their morality and pursuits when it comes to literature. I also hate when things are dumbed down, because apparently readers aren’t smart enough to understand. I AM SMART ENOUGH! This is one of the reasons I love and respect the Virals series so much. It doesn’t sugarcoat the science, and while Dr. Karsten was misguided in his methods (not to mention cranky), that didn’t make him evil.
  • The Evil Sentence: Posted by Christina on A Reader Of Fictions. “I released a breath I didn’t realize I was holding.” Come across that sentence before? The author and her friends took it upon themselves to document all the times they stumbled upon a version of this statement. This little project even has a page on Pinterest!
  • The Love Triangle That Is Not Annoying: Posted by Christine at Oh Chrys. This post lists some aspects that may make the WAY overused cliché of a love triangle a little more bearable. I only wish that more authors would either listen to the advice of their fans on what they DON’T WANT ANYMORE or remodel the cliché into something new and amazing.
  • 5 Ways My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Can Make You A Better Storyteller: Posted by Kat Kennedy at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. I love the points made on how what is usually dismissed as a girly TV show can actually teach you valuable lessons on how to improve your stories. It also includes great quotes from the animator.


Before I Got My Eye Put Out – The Poetry Of Emily Dickinson

How To Be A Princess – Things I Learned In YA

Discussion – My Publishing Wish

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you have any discussion posts or videos you think should be featured, link it to me in the comments or form below.



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