Book Cover Love: Space

book cover love

I happen to have a thing for good book covers. Who doesn’t? Book Cover Love is where I focus on my favorites. I might not have even read the book!

Today’s Subject: Space

List 4-5 book covers that feature space.

Life In Outer Space

Book: Life In Outer Space

Author(s): Melissa Keil

Details: Look at how the wire connecting the boy and girl’s computers winds through the title!

Relevance: The boy and girl are both main characters. And the boy is supposed to be geeky so I guess being absorbed in his computer fits.

Overall Feeling: Cool.

Infinite Moment Of Us

Book: The Infinite Moment Of Us

Author(s): Lauren Myracle

Details: It’s just so pretty! And the lines make it look like a map.

Relevance: Love story!

Overall Feeling: Beautiful.

For Darkness Shows The Stars

Book: For Darkness Shows The Stars

Author(s): Diana Peterfreund

Details: The girl’s dress turns into space!

Relevance: Space is the relevance.

Overall Feeling: Pretty. As most things with space are.

Across The Universe

Book: Across The Universe

Author(s): Beth Revis

Details: The space turns into two faces.

Relevance: Space and kissing.

Blurb: What does it take to survive aboard a spaceship fueled by lies?

Overall Feeling: Pretty.

What is one of your favorite covers with space on it?


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