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Bookish Survey: All The Colors Of The Rainbow


Name a fictional character that made you super mad: No doubt about it, I’m going with Peyton (A.K.A. the Demon) from the Geek High series (by Piper Banks.) That woman INFURIATES me! She is the definition of evil stepmother. She actually suggested rhinoplasty for Miranda’s birthday gift. Grrr…


Name a book that stands out of a crowd: History Decoded: The Ten Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time (by Brad Meltzer.)This book is very interesting. It’s on my (mental) list of most unique nonfiction books, and it has removable documents! And the thing is, the author isn’t some tinfoil-hat-wearing nutcase who tells you that aliens have secretly brainwashed us, or some rant like that. He presents valid arguments for each conspiracy, and even tells us to take everything with a grain of salt. (Though to tell you the truth, he found SO much evidence on the D.B. Cooper case, I truly believe he discovered who it was.) The JFK assassination has so much confusion surrounding it that it gets it’s own countdown! *snicker*

SHOUTOUT TO THE AUTHOR: I need more conspiracies! Please, please, please make a companion book! Are there any conspiracies surrounding Watergate? I’d love to hear about that.


Name a book that made you happy: Timebound (by Rysa Walker.) I swear, I have been on an unofficial quest to find good time travel books. Timebound included, the total tally is two (the other book being Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren.) I know it isn’t much but finding another T.T. book of quality makes me so happy!

BTW: I’m open to any suggestions for good books that you may have.


Name a book about the world we live in: The Elements: A Visual Exploration Of Every Known Atom In The Universe (by Theodore Gray.) This isn’t the kind of book you read end to end, but that’s actually one of it’s perks. Each atom gets it’s own page or two, and they’re STUFFED with wonderful pictures and information. It has a picture of liquid oxygen. LIQUID oxygen. Am I the only one who is amazed by that?


Name the last book that made you cry: The Book Thief (by Marcus Zusak.) But I’ve actually been in the mood for a tear-jerker lately, so I’ve got several books on my TBR pile that will hopefully bring on the tears (that sounds so wrong.)


Name an author that needs more recognition: Steve Sheinkin. I have never gone wrong with one of his books. (I’ve read them all except the graphic novels.)

SHOUTOUT TO THE AUTHOR: Remember John Burns from your book on the Civil War? The War Of 1812 veteran? Well, I realized that I know next to nothing about the War Of 1812. Could you please write something about that? I promise I would read it. (You might also want to look into the Hatfield and McCoy feud. It seems up your alley.)


Name a book that is very deep: I’m going to have to repeat books on this one and say (again) The Book Thief.The. Holocaust. Nuff’ said.

Book Cover Rainbow

A cover for every color of the rainbow.


Bookish Survey: Divergent Edition

I hate to jump on bandwagons, but with the new movie, and the fact that my mom has read all the books in the series (I’ve only read the first), I’ve decided to make a bookish survey based on the Divergent factions. I could never chose a faction to be in myself, but I can certainly chose books that would fit right in.

Abnegation/The Selfless

Name a character who puts others ahead of themselves at all times: I think Julie from Enthusiasm (by Polly Shulman) was really selfless. Then again, she couldn’t stand up for herself, say what she thought, or give herself a little credit, but that fits Abnegation perfectly!

Amity/The Peaceful

Name a book without much action: Thirteenth Child, by Patricia C. Wrede. Basically Eff’s life story, a fast-paced thriller it isn’t.

Candor/The Honest

Name a book that was brutally honest about a tough subject: The Book Thief, definitely. One word. Holocaust.

Dauntless/The Brave

Name a book with a groundbreaking plot: Slayers, by C.J. Hill. Dragons, summer camp, and superpowered teens destined to fight them? Wow. Just, wow.

Erudite/The Intelligent

Name a character who’s smarts border on genius: Miranda Bloom, from the Geek High series (by Piper Banks). Technically she is a genius since she goes to a school for prodigies. Though there’s a difference between school smarts and social smarts, but I digress.