Features Archive

Every feature. Ever. (Features surrounded by *** are discontinued. Features surrounded by — are on hiatus or are being revamped.) All features on this blog are created by me (Geeky Girl) unless stated otherwise.

***Book Cover Love***

Where I choose 4-5 book covers I like that fit in with that day’s subject. Then I break them down by Book, Author(s), Details, Relevance, Overall Feeling, and if there is one, a Blurb.

Michael Vey Series

Stylish Shades


Heart To Heart


***Bookish Survey***

Where I ask myself questions (about books) related to that day’s subject.

Divergent Edition

All The Colors Of The Rainbow

—Discussion Day—

Second Book Syndrome, Trilogy Fatigue, And Other YA Based Illnesses

***Life Of A Book Nerd***

Bookish Pet Peeves

Happy 200th Birthday!

You Know You’re A Book Nerd When…

***Plot Points***

Overused Cliches

Ultimate List Of Superpowers

—Think Before You Link—

Evil, Ponies, Princesses, And Cliches

Blogging, Magic, Book Vlogs, And Librarians

***Quips & Quotes***

Reading With Lemony Snicket

Quoting The Book Thief (Or Death, Take Your Pick)

What features do you like, and which ones could you do without? Help me improve this blog, and tell me in the comments!


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