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Book Review: An Abundance Of Katherines

NAME: An Abundance Of Katherines

AUTHOR(S): John Green


When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton’s type is girls named Katherine. And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped. Nineteen times, to be exact. On a road trip miles from home, this anagram-happy, washed-up child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an over-weight, Judge Judy-loving best friend riding shotgun, but no Katherines. Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship and average Dumpees everywhere, and may finally win him the girl.


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Book Review: Timebound

Name: Timebound

Author(s): Rysa Walker

Series Standing: Book one (The CHRONOS Files)

What It’s About: After moving in with her somewhat strange grandmother Katherine, Kate’s life takes a turn for the weirder… and more dangerous. It turns out Katherine is from the future; a time-traveling historian who got stuck in the past after her partner went rouge. Now his meddling with the timeline puts Kate’s family, and her very existence, at stake. In his mad quest for power, he murders Katherine in the past, which should erase any existence of Kate (and her family). But she, Katherine, and Connor (her assistant) have been protected by special medallions that make time travel possible. Now Kate is trained to travel back to the 1890s and correct the timeline. But will she succeed? Or survive?

My Review: FINALLY! I finally found a time travel book that doesn’t confuse or disappoint me! This book was, to put it simply, awesome. Great writing, great story, great romance, and I could actually understand what was going on. I think the way Saul (the bad guy) chose to obtain power was really interesting and unique.The only problem I had with it was how soon Kate and Trey became a couple. It seemed to be meet one day, kiss the next. But Trey was SO loveable I easily cast that complaint aside. There was a hint of a love triangle, but it didn’t overwhelm the book. For once, the whole “complicated romance” thing faded into the background. This book set itself up for a sequel, and there HAS to be one, but it didn’t end in a cliffhanger. In fact, I finished this book with a sense of satisfaction. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a book with a bit of history, but not historical fiction.

But it doesn't take over the story.
But it doesn’t take over the story.

Re-Readability: Very High. Go buy this book now. It’s worth it.


“Do you have a lot of books?” I asked. Dad snorted as he slathered some cream cheese on his bagel. “Katherine’s collection puts Amazon to shame.”

“I put the book down by the computer and rubbed my eyes. “This is the world’s most boring version of the Travel Channel. And the History Channel. Combined. And I don’t much care for either of those.”

“I tentatively  bent a corner down and was surprised to see the odd paper pop back up, unwrinkled. I tried to tear a small piece from the edge, to no avail. A few quick experiments later, I had determined that you couldn’t write on the paper with ballpoint pen, pencil, or marker. Water beaded right off, even though it didn’t feel laminated. Chewing gum stuck momentarily, but it peeled up quickly and didn’t leave any residue. Within a few minutes, I had decided that the stuff was just plain indestructible – except for fire, perhaps, but I couldn’t try that on the Metro.”

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Book Review: Once In A Full Moon

Name: Once In A Full Moon

Author(s): Ellen Schreiber

Series Standing: Book one (Full Moon series)

What It’s About: Celeste has a fairly normal life. Or make that, had. That all goes down the drain when Brandon moves to town. After getting stuck in a snowstorm and surrounded by wolves, he comes to her aid and gets bit in the process. He insists he’s fine, but something strange is happening. He experiences memory loss, illness, and other strange symptoms, all during the full moon. Celeste becomes certain he is a werewolf, and he doesn’t disagree. To the chagrin of her friends, she skips out hanging out with them more so she can spend more time with him. She finds herself falling in love with him, despite obvious problems. Matters get worse when wolf (and werewolf!) sightings increase, sparking up the old tale of the Legend’s Run werewolf. With everyone watching they will have to figure out what exactly is going on before their secrets are exposed.

My Review: This book started out fairly well, but went a downhill as it went on. My first problem was how she fell in love with Brandon before she really knew him. Their relationship felt rushed. Also, as I got farther into the book, it grew sort of cheesy, and definatly clichéd. The last few lines in the book had me groaning to myself. There were a few minor problems with her BFFs for me. They seemed too materialistic, and I thought that if you really like someone, you should be able to tell your friends without being afraid they won’t accept it because of social order. I didn’t like how they kept pushing her towards her ex.

Re-Readability: Low to Medium. This seems like the kind of book I would want to read sometimes, but can’t stand another time, all depending how fed up I am on clichéd paranormal romance. I will never love this book though.


“Dr. Meadows words haunted me. Her messages to me were so specific yet, at the same time, mysterious.”

“I’d never been as happy in our group as I was tonight. I took pride knowing my friends were having fun hanging outside their comfort zone, and I enjoyed knowing Nash wanted to hold me more than a stitched leather ball.”

“I caught up to my friends, who cheered and jumped higher than two caffeinated cheerleaders.”

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Book Review: Enthusiasm

Name: Enthusiasm

Author(s): Polly Shulman

What It’s About: Julie is best friends with an Enthusiast, namely Ashleigh Rossi. They’ve been best buds forever, but Ashleigh has the tendency to hop from craze to craze which often leads to embarrassing situations. From candy making to military strategy, she always manages to drag Julie in. Now Ashleigh has discovered Jane Austen, particularly  Pride and Prejudice. She convinces Julie to come with her when crashing a dance at Forefield, an all-boys prep school, in hopes of finding her own Mr. Darcy. There they meet two boys of interest, Ned and Grandison. Unbeknownst to Ashleigh, Grandison is Julie’s secret crush. However, Ashleigh falls for him herself, and becomes convinced that Ned and Julie like each other. Not wanting to get in the way of her friend’s crush, Julie suppresses her true feelings, instead supporting Ashleigh in her endeavors to find out if Grandison likes her back. All while trying to cope with her divorced dad’s wife, Amy (A.K.A. the Irresistible  Accountant.) Soon Julie and Ashleigh answer an announcement asking for girls to audition at Forefield for a play. Both get the part, and will now be working right alongside Ned and Grandison. Still trying to forget her feelings toward Grandison, and convince Ashleigh that she isn’t in love with Ned, things are further complicated when a classmate starts showing interest in Julie, and a secret admirer starts leaving poems on the tree between Ashleigh and Julie’s houses.  This book is a question of loyalty or love.

My Review: Unfortunately, this book fell flat from my expectations, reminding me that a book should be judged by it’s writing, and not the one who writes it. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good book! It’s just that there were three problems with it for me. Problem one, the “teen lingo.” This book used words that sounded somewhat cheesy to me, like somebody trying to be hip, and failing (apparently crisp means cool, and ig means ick!) Problem two, the amount of longing for Grandison. Now, I may not have fallen in love myself yet, but it seemed a bit far fetched how much Julie longed for Grandison after a few encounters in which she never even said a word to the guy. Problem three, self-esteem. I know that it is noble to spare your own love life for your friend’s, and keeping the peace with your stepfamily is vital, but for a good portion of the book there was a voice in my head saying “Can’t she stand up for herself at all?” In my opinion this is an okay book that takes a bit of time getting used to.

Re-Readability: Medium. I’ll read this again sometime, but there are better things in my bookcase.


“Ladies’ rooms, it turns out, don’t flourish in boys’ schools. Each likely-looking door seemed to taunt me. I discovered a coat closet, a broom closet, a conservatory dripping with greenery, and wood-paneled, book-lined chambers of various shapes and sizes – but no restroom.”

“By then her ability to ignore giggles and stares had become less an asset than a liability. Oh, we still had plenty of friends – girls like Emily Mehan and the Gerard twins – but if Ash pulled any more stunts like that time freshman year when she borrowed Michelle Jeffrie’s handbag for a juggling trick and spilled the contents, including a selection of feminine hygene products, I feared for our social standing among the girls. And as for the guys – well, that was to painful to bear thinking about.”

“If I had a dollar for every sharp remark I keep to myself, I would be able to fund the Stepfamily Peace Prize, my dream version of the Nobel, to be awarded annually to the person who shows the greatest familial restraint.”

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